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how i got into a cool program

Every semester at the Stan Richards School of Advertising, Texas Creative accepts around 40 applicants to pursue a creative path throughout their college career. The sequence is comprised of 4 portfolio classes, each more demanding than the last. At the end of each semester is Final Critique, a day of spray adhesive, tears, and coffee. On this sticky, tearful, caffeinated day, the portfolio class receives scores from industry professionals, which are taken into consideration for the next portfolio advancement.

The three dudes in charge of running Texas Creative come up with a question each semester to drive eager applicants nuts.​

This was my application in December 2016:


answer using 11x17 sheet of paper

Your application must be created on an 11”x17” sheet of paper. Answer the question in a smart, conceptual way. Make it quick, insightful, original, & universal. Like any public message, it needs to be easily understood without you being there to explain it. Don’t make an “ad.” Do make a provocative and unique thought. Do answer the question with one answer. Don’t provide multiple answers. Your answer can be primarily visual, verbal or both. Use any medium you wish. This isn’t an arts and crafts project. Spend time inside your brain creating the message, and then craft it well.